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Thank you from all of us at Hearing Protection Services.

In a word, BRAVO!

In a word, BRAVO! I am 110% satisfied with my plugs! I have internal piercings on both ears and with a little time and creativity Mark was able to create me comfortable & effective ear pro that has held up beautifully! Thank you for taking on a challenge!

Amber Gabbard

Two thumbs up!

I want to let you know I used the hearing protection this morning for a qualification. Two thumbs up! I was able to clearly hear all commands and absolutely no gun shots.

John Vukosovich

This was a super simple

This was a super simple process and the plugs fit me perfectly. Whole different world from the squeeze and shove plugs.

Chris Hatfield

Tanya G.

When we met, my set of custom ear plugs, not made by you, were losing their seal on my right ear when I cheeked my rifle. You resealed the existing plugs to have me try, and made another set from scratch. The resealed plugs got better, but there was an audible difference when I took a hard cheek weld in the standing position. In contrast, the new plugs you made maintained their seal and are working wonderfully.

Tanya G.
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