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Thank you from all of us at Hearing Protection Services.

They are a godsend

Well, Mark made me custom ear protection at the Rocky Mountain Regional IDPA shoot in Cameo Colorado (cameosec.org) today. And I can tell you that as a professional photographer and am around shooting very often they are a godsend and I have only wore them for a few hours. I did not feel like they were going to come out or get loose I did not have to keep re-adjusting them and the best part is my ears don’t ring.

Mike Nevins

Best pair I have ever worn!

I am the person who won a pair of your ear plugs. Best pair I have ever worn, used all week in work shop and had no pain from them my ears. Best thing I ever won. Thanks so much


You clearly stand behind your products

Mark, Received the lanyard. You clearly stand behind your products and go out of your way for your clients. Appreciate it and thanks, Bill


These new earpieces I got at the NM State Championship work great

Much better than the foam plugs I have used for years. I wish I would have got some a long time ago. They feel great in the ear.

Ben W.

I would highly recommend this product

Mark, thank you so being so responsive when I called you about fitting my husband with the hearing protection ear plugs. My husband has terrible tinnitus and loud noises and music exacerbate it. Before we got the hearing protection he did not go to concerts with me. We were on a tight schedule before our concert and we got it that week. You were also helpful in teaching him how to use them. We went to the concert and they worked great. What is also great about your product is the different filters which can be placed for different situations. Moreover they were molded to fit him. Thank you. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to block out noxious sounds.


A+ for sure!!

Just wanted to follow up on the product that you made up for us while down in Albuquerque. We have racing for 2 years now and have tried multiple styles of ear buds even the “DIY” molded kits nothing has held up or have been as comfortable to the driver then the ones we got thru you and HPS. The experience from start to finish was a good one from showing us the products features such the exchangeability of the pieces to repair damaged pieces to working with our driver to select the custom colors and ensuring the best fit. All weekend she had something but good things to say from being able to clearly hear the radio from the comfort when wearing the helmet. A+ for sure!! Thanks again

Mark Ashcraft

It worked great!

I purchased hearing protection from you late spring/early summer. I finally had the opportunity to use the product last week at the Edgar Winter/Alice Cooper/Deep Purple concert. I am extremely pleased with the hearing protection. I could feel vibrations from some of the music but my hearing remained intact. I will use the product at any concerts I attend. It worked great!

Laura Loudermilk

They have been GREAT!

Hello Mark, I am a Cowboy Action shooter with SASS. I had you make me custom molded earplugs at EOT about 5 years ago. I must tell you that they have been GREAT! They have held up for hundreds of shooting sessions. They have held their shape and continue to meet any and all my expectations. Thank you very much for doing this and coming out to our World Championship to provide an excellent product in a convenient manner.

W. Bret Garner aka "Cowboy Small"

Flawless CEPs!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the molded CEPs that you made for me. They have been flawless so far! The noise attenuation is excellent as I have to wait until the last minute to put them in or I cannot hear anyone talking before we plug into the intercom system. The comfort level has been an amazing improvement over anything I have tried over the last 17 years of military flying. There was a small adjustment period at first because they are so completely different than the old foam CEP inserts but that was only to get used to the new “feel”. I no longer have any bruising or soreness regardless of the number of flights or their duration. The biggest compliment that I can offer is that I now completely forget that I am even wearing them. Getting the molded CEPs made has been a fantastic investment for the comfort and noise reduction that I have received in return. Many thanks for offering this amazing product!! Cheers.

Bill Mercer

They are AWESOME!!

Just wanted to let you know that my CEP earplugs my camo shooting plugs and Christal’s glitter pink shooting plugs all came in today. They are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! If we find any “hotspots” after wearing them for a while we will give you call and set up a time to get them adjusted. Cheers!


GREAT!!! Make a Difference While Racing Cars

Hey everybody. The ear plugs came in time!!! They work GREAT!!! It will make a difference when we have to get in the cars to race and not have to mess with the old style plugs not staying in place. It spoiled us already!! THANKS!!


The Best Investment I Have Ever Made!

The Issue: I bought my racing radios in 2008 with the standard race receivers ear buds. Since then I had to purchase another pair because they crackled so bad I could not understand my spotter. In racing we use spotters as our second set of eyes so hearing my spotter clearly is the key. During the first race of the season I noticed I was having more issues with the standard ear buds yet again. I could only hear out of one ear bud and there was still crackling. Also in order for the ear buds to stay in my ears tightly enough to hear what I could I had to use duct tape to keep them in which is a hassle and also hurt to take off because it was pulling out my hair. After all that time I just got so fed up. That’s when I called Mark Reid. The Service: I had spoke with Mark about my problems that I was having because I knew he offered a solution for it. At my convenience I was able to go to his house where he talked to me about his product and the benefits of getting custom ear molds. He then started on the ear molds and was very gentle and knowledgeable about the product. He explained to me that they would be sent off and made in any color I wanted. He also took the time to make sure the connector that I needed was the correct one. The Solution: After about two weeks I received my customer race receivers – just in time for my next race. I loved that I no longer had to use duct tape to keep my ear buds in when I put on my helmet. I could hear my spotter crystal clear which was very helpful that particular night because I was racing hard in traffic and it kept me out of harm’s way. My custom ear molds are so comfortable I recommend them to any racecar driver and also the custom hearing protection for anyone involved in racing and other sports like hunting or shooting. There is no question about it my experience with Mark and my customer race receivers. They are absolutely amazing and they are the best investment I have ever made! Thank you! Mark

Ashley Gantt

They Solved the Issues Very Effectively

Quickly after starting to use 2-way radios in racing I noticed two things. First I was having a hard time hearing track officials and my spotter over my engine noise and cars around me. Second standard earbuds while wearing a helmet, are very uncomfortable. After a short discussion with Mark, I knew what I wanted to get and they solved both issues very effectively. After having used this solution for a few years now I’ve made the decision to purchase a second set, minus the electronic portion for shooting sports. The comfort of my racing set helped make my decision to carry that comfort over to another passion of mine. Thanks again Mark!

Matt Young

Best Purchase I Have Made!

These are the best investments I have made for protecting my hearing. They perform much better than I could have ever expected.

Ryan S. Fritz

Very Satisfied

It was a beautiful day Saturday 9/12 and I went up to Oakwood Outlaws near Palestine TX to shoot for the first time since May. I want you to know that I was very satisfied with my new HD filtered plugs. I could hear the stage instructions just fine and they offered me adequate protection from the report of the firearms. Three of the stages shot were inside buildings not just facades, and the noise protection was just fine. The only caveat, we did not have a blackpowder shooter on our posse so I did not put the plugs to the ultimate test. Very satisfied!

Sundown Tex aka Gary Boswell


I would like to express my gratitude to Mark Reid at Hearing Protection Services for his professionalism. Mark fitted me for custom molded ear plugs with speakers. I have on several opportunities worn these plugs on long motorcycle rides and it has made them most enjoyable. I hear no more buffeting sound from the air current through the helmet. The speaker quality is also exceptional. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Greg Schmitt

Not Overpriced or Overrated

I recently purchased a set of earplugs with the optional speakers (I-Plugz). I wanted something that was comfortable and that would block wind noise while riding my motorcycle. I was at first hesitant thinking I would be buying overpriced ear buds however I am happy with the performance as well as the comfort. These (I-Plugz) are so much better than I anticipated. These (I-Plugz) ear pieces are comfortably molded to my ear allowing me to wear them inside a helmet. I no longer have to blast music at an uncomfortable level in order to hear it above the wind noise. I see now that the I-Plugz are worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great quality product.


I’d Recommend Them to Anybody

Since using IPlugz for over six months now it has improved the quality of audio that is necessary for my legal transcription business. I have been able to compare it with normal headphones used for transcription and immediately notice a significant difference. The form fitting ear plugs are very comfortable to wear in my ears for long periods of time and I am very happy to recommend these to anybody that listens to any kind of audio for their business purposes. I use them almost on a daily basis and feel like I got my money’s worth. I also use them in public places when I am on my IPad. The noise-cancelling works great!!

Melinda Palmer

Work Fantastically on my Flight!

I wanted to thank you and to tell you that the ear plugs you made for me worked fantastically on the airline portion of my trip to and from Hawaii. With the ear plugs I was able to block cabin and engine noise when I wanted to rest during the flights. During the return flight I was able to sleep the entire return trip. Once again thank you for making my flights noise free. God Bless.


Great Product!

My shop is very loud when I have my air compressor blast cabinet and polisher running at the same time. Since I spend hours at a time blasting parts I wanted to use my i-pod to help pass the time. But even with the volume turned all the way up I could barely hear it. Since I had Hearing Protection Service make my fitted ear plugs with built in ear buds I can listen to the radio and barely turn up the volume. Thanks for a great product.

Bobby Roy - Team Synergy Coatings

Best Ear Plugs I Have Ever Worn!

These custom ear plugs worked amazing! I had them fitted while on leave from my deployment. In a few short weeks I received my package to my APO. Good timing too because the rest of my deployment I was flown back and forth in a Blackhawk. If you never flown in one it gets really loud. Loading and unloading was a daily task. The ear plugs fit perfect and are easy to put in. Also it came with a pouch and tool to clean them and a lanyard to keep them together. I must say these are the best ear plugs I have ever worn and believe me I have used many in the military. I recommend them to anybody who’s serious about protecting their hearing.

Benjamin Baca

I Love the filtered plugs

They make the aircraft comfortable to work around if we have it running and it still allows me to hear people talk so I can keep them in for long periods of time without them being a nuisance.


Worth the Time & Expense

My name is Burns and I have been in high noise areas since the 70′s when I joined the Air Force. I worked on the flight line and the jet engines were extremely loud during this time hearing protection was minimal. The only ones with ear covers were flight crews and engineers/crew chiefs. The rest of us had to use rubber inserts that came in different colors (each indicated a different size) and they really did not fit well. We also used these for or weapon qualifications on the range. So as you can gather we all ended up with tinnitus at different severity’s.\r\nI was introduced to Mark Reid through Dale Perkins who swore by the product. I talked with Mark who explained the product and the differences in protection. I decided to try a set the professionalism and time he took to ensure a perfect mold of my ear was well worth the time and expense. I received mine in about two weeks and used them the next range day I could not believe the difference. They fit perfectly and the sound level was the lowest of any product I had ever used. I have since purchased a second pair for work purposes and recommended them to my friends. I really would have liked to have had a pair of these back in the 70′s.


Love Them!

Army Corps of Engineers. The guys and gals love them! I have provided them to those that are on convoys on a regular basis. Normal earplugs attenuate too much and you can’t hear any communication. With Hear Defenders you can hear everything and know that if we get hit by an IED our hearing will be intact. This is critical – instead of having a temporary hearing loss after an explosion we have our hearing intact, allowing us to use our radios to call for help.


These ear plugs are so much better

These ear plugs are so much better than the others that I had been using. Night and day difference! They are so much more comfortable I can wear them all day without any problems. They also cut the noise level down to a comfortable level but still let me hear just enough to know when my machines aren’t running right. I definitely want another pair.


Helps with Chainsaw Noise

Just had my first two full days with my new ear plugs in running a chain saw. They work great. Thank You!


ALL Noise Blocked Out Racing Motorcycles

Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how satisfied I am with the hearing protection I bought from you. I road race motorcycles and your product blocks out ALL noise; it really lets me focus on the task at hand!


They really do the job!

I’m so glad you helped me with these specialized hearing systems. I tried them while at band practice playing drums and they worked perfectly. I can’t wait to try them on my motorcycle. I will talk to some people I know and see if I can help you with some sales! They really do the job and trust me I’ve tried hundreds of different ear buds and silencers!!! Thanks so much.

Dustin Hughes - Thunderbird Harley-Davidson

Aid with Heavy Equipment Operation

I cannot thank you enough for your advise on hearing protection. To refresh your memory I drive a street sweeper for the Town of Gilbert. For 10 hours a day I had to endure the drone of the diesel engine the power take off, the hydraulic pump, and the scrapping of gutter brooms on asphalt. I was having headaches at the end of my shift. You suggested the molded ear plug and you took an impression of my ear canal. A week later the hearing protection was in my mail box. It took me a couple of days to get used to the plugs but I love them now. Last week, our repair shop had my sweeper in for repairs and I was without my protection in our back-up sweeper. The noise was incredible. I keep your product in my locker from now on. I don’t want to be stuck again. I believe anyone operating heavy equipment should wear you hearing protection. If I had known about your plugs years ago I wouldn’t have the hearing loss I have to deal with now. Thank you again.

Steve Hartin

They’re Great!

I got the plugs and they’re great. Thank you for doing them. We enjoyed having you guys here and hope to do it again next year.

PJ LaMariana - PJ’s Triumph Ducati

Restless to Restful Sleep; No More Bothersome TV Noise

As I have to get up early for work I typically have to have my husband turn the television volume down as the audio from the television manages to resonate through to my bedroom door causing me to have a broken or restless sleep. I have tried other ear plugs but have had only marginal success. The ear plugs you provided to me successfully filtered out the noise, resulting in my having a sound and restful sleep. Thank you Mark for providing the ear plugs which allow my husband to listen to television in the late hours and at the same time allow me to have a sound, noise free restful sleep. Thanks.

Lorraine Watson

Snoring Husband Silenced

As far as the sleep plugs go: I love them! My husband’s snoring RARELY bothers me any more. I sleep all night long whereas I used to lie awake for hours every night listening to him until I’d finally give up and move to the couch at the far end of the house! I haven’t slept on the couch in months! IF he wakes me up it is only a matter of minutes before I am able to return to sleep. I am much more rested and a lot less cranky during the day!!! Thanks so much!


Highly Recommend Mark Reid

I have chameleon ear lab plugs that I got from Hearing Protection Services. Never have I had a more comfortable feeling in my ears for noise protection. Also I enjoyed not hearing anything in an unsafe noise environment. I used them working with coca cola running loud machinery. It is a lot of fun because you get to pick out your favorite colors. Hearing protection is important and I would highly recommend Mark Reid to help you protect yours.

DJ Pyro

Absolutely love them! (Bluetooth Custom Ends)

Just got back from shooting….. I absolutely love them! Way better than stock. They are comfortable and you can hardly even tell they are in your ear. I really appreciate them Mark. Thanks!

Mark Q.

Noise is a Low Volume at 100mph!

I purchased a set of on-site protectors to use when riding my motorcycle. Due to the way my helmet contacts my ear it broke the seal on my left ear so it was not fully protecting me. I contacted Mark and he said to see him at the next show where we made a new plug and let it set up while I wore the helmet. Total success! I have been riding since 1965 starting with a Triumph Bonneville through various sport and touring bikes, and it has never been this pleasant. Even with the helmet directly in the wind stream at 100mph, the noise is muted to a low volume. I can still hear other vehicles’ tires and horns, so it is safe. Mark is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and stands behind his work. Thanks again, Mark!


The ear plugs are amazing

The ear plugs are amazing; the ringing stopped in both of my ears. I put them in on a job site and boom all I can hear is myself chewing gum. Thank you so much.

Graham Blood

They are so comfortable I often forget they are in

I have returned to work and I do use my new earplugs on a daily basis. I love them; they are so comfortable I often forget they are in. I really hope to have all of my co-workers share in this experience. Last I spoke with a coworker she said she was going to our new safety manager about your products. Thank you!

Jeremy Gonzales

The protection was so good

Just had a chance to try out my new ear plugs yesterday. People noticed them right away and have been very interested in getting a pair. I told them we are trying to get the plant to buy them for all. I wore mine throughout my 12-hour shift without any discomfort. However it was a little more difficult to hear my co-workers as the protection was so good but I could still hear my radio and still communicate with others. I just had to ask them to repeat themselves. Have a great weekend! And thanks again for protecting my hearing!

Eva Clark

They are excellent!

I tried out the custom ear plugs you made me on the 4th at the gun show. They are excellent and more comfy than foam ear plugs! Thanks alot!

Gene Berghaus - R&S Kawasaki

Many Thanks!

It’s been two weeks now that I have used the hearing protection I got at End of Trail. While I have taken some ribbing about the color–pink–I have also gotten quite a few inquiries about their effectiveness and comfort. I can tell you that in both categories I have responded in the assertive positive. I am quite happy with the plugs and look forward to the permanent pair I ordered. Many Thanks!


I am very happy with them

I am taking time to let you know the ear plugs work very well when working around heavy equipment and blowing down gas lines. The sound is very minor compared to the regular ear plugs easy to put in and very comfortable. I am very happy with them; they stay with me all the time in the case you gave me. I did test them out on different situation and they work well. Thanks & good work.

Bobby A. Macks

OK Mark, I told you

OK Mark, I told you I would respond here. We got my new ear plugs last weekend, June 25 at the shoot at Pampa, Texas. Used them today for my retired law enforcement concealed carry qualification and they are all you said they would be. Thank you so much for fitting and forming these for me. My old plugs were over 20 years old and I had forgotten how they should really fit as my old ones had gotten a little loose over time and I hadn’t really noticed. God bless and thanx again.
Lary aka High Plains Smokey.

Lary A. Cole

In a word, BRAVO!

In a word, BRAVO! I am 110% satisfied with my plugs! I have internal piercings on both ears and with a little time and creativity Mark was able to create me comfortable & effective ear pro that has held up beautifully! Thank you for taking on a challenge!

Amber Gabbard

Two thumbs up!

I want to let you know I used the hearing protection this morning for a qualification. Two thumbs up! I was able to clearly hear all commands and absolutely no gun shots.

John Vukosovich

This was a super simple

This was a super simple process and the plugs fit me perfectly. Whole different world from the squeeze and shove plugs.

Chris Hatfield

Tanya G.

When we met, my set of custom ear plugs, not made by you, were losing their seal on my right ear when I cheeked my rifle. You resealed the existing plugs to have me try, and made another set from scratch. The resealed plugs got better, but there was an audible difference when I took a hard cheek weld in the standing position. In contrast, the new plugs you made maintained their seal and are working wonderfully.

Tanya G.
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