HPSSW - Mark ReidMark Reid
Certified, RRT, AE-C

About Our Founder

Mark has a 24 year medical background that has been applied to the area of Hearing Conservation. Mark was trained in the application of using custom plugs to enhance hearing conservation in 2009. The training was held at Ear, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. Ear, Inc. is an experienced international company in hearing conservation for over 40 years. Mark has improved the lifestyle of over 1400 people by providing customized ear plugs.

Mark is in charge of day to day operations, promotion, and customer satisfaction.
Mark has worked with audiologists, industrial safety officers, sleep centers, manufacturing operations, field requirements, machine shops and many others to solve noise problems. Mark is a member of several organizations which include SASS, Zia Gun Club and Hearing Associations.

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Our Capabilities Statement

We are certified providers of Custom Molded Earplugs. The earplugs are molded to fit each individual. We offer products that are reusable, fit comfortably, are latex free and washable for people who require sound protection from their environment.

We carry products to fit the needs of individuals working in loud noise manufacturing conditions, law enforcement, aircraft maintenance, pilots, motorcyclists, shooters, Ipod/MP3 listeners, race-car drivers, pit crews, swimmers, musicians, and much, much more.

Hearing Protection Services is a small business. We can develop Custom Systems to meet specific needs.

HPS Insta-Molds

Insta-Mold® (On-Site)

2 part chemically cured silicone, ear plugs. The 2 parts are mixed together, they form a semi solid that is injected into the ear canal to obtain an exact impression of the ear, after approximately 7 minutes the mold is removed and finished. ANSI compliant. ANSI Specifications: (1974 & 1984), NRR Rating 29.8dB (EPA-1979)

HPS Lab Plugs Ear Plugs

Lab Plugs Ears™ (Lab)

Lab processed, heat cured silicone, ear plugs. This provides for greater durability when used in harsh environments as well as frequent use. Impressions are reusable for up to 3 years. These plugs may also be provided with or without lanyards.ANSI compliant ANSI Specs. S3. 19-1974, NRR Rating 27dB (EPA-1979)


Modular Lab Plugs Ears™ (Lab)

Lab processed plugs that offer Radio communication while providing hearing protection as either a solid or filtered ear plug. They may be worn as solid ear plugs if radio communication is not needed or required. The Oil and Gas industry is where the idea for this new product originated.

HPS Electronic Plugs

Electronics (Lab)

Lab processed and made of an acrylic outer shell containing electronics that allow the user to have an enhanced hearing level while being protected from loud noises.

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