Hear Defenders

Never before available, HearDefenders-DF™ multifunctional dual-filtered hearing protectors that are specifically designed to help the user hear speech and communications better while engaged in excessive noise or loud sounds and can be hooked up to radio communications. Unlike most filtered ear protectors, HearDefenders-DF™ are designed with VARIABLE ATTENUATORS. As sound levels increase so does the sound suppression.



NEW HearDefenders-DF™ Hearing Protection: Breakthrough Technology from EAR, Inc.

According to the military, law enforcement, sportsmen, musicians and industrial groups, many standard hearing protectors go unused properly because they minimize one’s ability to hear critical sounds needed for communications and environmental awareness. And in many cases they also do not fit properly. Breathable, moisture-resistant dual filters improve sound quality when the ear is overloaded with excess noise (continuous or impact). Musicians and music lovers who attend loud concerts or those who work where loud music is played especially appreciate HearDefenders-DF’s acoustical response. HearDefenders-DF™ are available in a choice of two colors and three sizes and with a removable cord. The exterior filter can easily be removed if less attenuation is desired or to connect radio communications. HearDefenders-DF™ have been successfully used in law enforcement, military, shooting, hunting, music, motorcycling, aircraft and industrial settings.

HearDefenders-DF™ are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and are being made available throughout the world through its distributor network. New distribution will be assigned on a regular basis.

HearDefenders are $210.00/pair


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