Aid with Heavy Equipment Operation

Category: | Friday, September 30th, 2022

I cannot thank you enough for your advise on hearing protection. To refresh your memory I drive a street sweeper for the Town of Gilbert. For 10 hours a day I had to endure the drone of the diesel engine the power take off, the hydraulic pump, and the scrapping of gutter brooms on asphalt. I was having headaches at the end of my shift. You suggested the molded ear plug and you took an impression of my ear canal. A week later the hearing protection was in my mail box. It took me a couple of days to get used to the plugs but I love them now. Last week, our repair shop had my sweeper in for repairs and I was without my protection in our back-up sweeper. The noise was incredible. I keep your product in my locker from now on. I don’t want to be stuck again. I believe anyone operating heavy equipment should wear you hearing protection. If I had known about your plugs years ago I wouldn’t have the hearing loss I have to deal with now. Thank you again.