Flawless CEPs!

Category: | Friday, September 30th, 2022

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the molded CEPs that you made for me. They have been flawless so far! The noise attenuation is excellent as I have to wait until the last minute to put them in or I cannot hear anyone talking before we plug into the intercom system. The comfort level has been an amazing improvement over anything I have tried over the last 17 years of military flying. There was a small adjustment period at first because they are so completely different than the old foam CEP inserts but that was only to get used to the new “feel”. I no longer have any bruising or soreness regardless of the number of flights or their duration. The biggest compliment that I can offer is that I now completely forget that I am even wearing them. Getting the molded CEPs made has been a fantastic investment for the comfort and noise reduction that I have received in return. Many thanks for offering this amazing product!! Cheers.