Worth the Time & Expense

Category: | Friday, September 30th, 2022

My name is Burns and I have been in high noise areas since the 70′s when I joined the Air Force. I worked on the flight line and the jet engines were extremely loud during this time hearing protection was minimal. The only ones with ear covers were flight crews and engineers/crew chiefs. The rest of us had to use rubber inserts that came in different colors (each indicated a different size) and they really did not fit well. We also used these for or weapon qualifications on the range. So as you can gather we all ended up with tinnitus at different severity’s.\r\nI was introduced to Mark Reid through Dale Perkins who swore by the product. I talked with Mark who explained the product and the differences in protection. I decided to try a set the professionalism and time he took to ensure a perfect mold of my ear was well worth the time and expense. I received mine in about two weeks and used them the next range day I could not believe the difference. They fit perfectly and the sound level was the lowest of any product I had ever used. I have since purchased a second pair for work purposes and recommended them to my friends. I really would have liked to have had a pair of these back in the 70′s.