Modular Lab Plugs

Modular plugs can be used as either a solid or filtered plug depending on where the lanyard is placed.

An affordable way to custom fit your communication device. These modular plugs can be used with radios or cell phones while providing hearing protection.

Listen to music or talk on the phone and then remove the cord to be left with comfortable filtered hearing protection.

“Modular Lab Plugs” CHEMD (includes 85dB limiter acoustic filters, pop cord and cleaning tool)

Cost: $160/pair without radio connection
Radio connections start at $47.00

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Other Accessories:

Radio Harness (Single Sided) ($ Varies -radio manufacturer and model needed) Includes audio tubing and regular elbow joints. – Pop Elbow Joints needed for CHEMDs
Cost: $56 and up

View the color chart for available colors. Color Chart


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